The Duplay IT Mission:
Providing the highest quality information technology services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, at prices they can afford.



Duplay IT Technical Services is a full service company, providing computer support, PC and network security, and the full spectrum of networking support that today's businesses demand. We help your company, organization, or family put together all the pieces of the often times confusing, always changing world of computers, networking and technology. We are part of your team every step of the way!

We also can help you maximize the usefulness of older, but still very usable hardware.

Talk to a Person:
When you call, you will talk directly to a person. If you do get voice mail, your call will be returned QUICKLY!

Available at YOUR Convenience:
If evenings or weekends are more convenient for you, that works for us! Our goal is not to get in your way any more that necessary.. we want you to work smarter, not harder.

Help for Home Computers and Networks
In this unsure economy, many families cannot afford to purchase new computers and computer related equipment, and are having to make the current system last "just a little bit longer". Duplay IT Technical Services is right in there with you! We can help you make your older, but still very usable computers work like they did the day you brought them home!

Duplay IT is also an expert in the field of home networking, in fact, we had home networking, when it wasn't even cool! Duplay IT can help setup or secure a new network or WiFi installation, or can help diagnose and speed up broken or slow networks.

Understanding the Needs of Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations:
No matter if you are a one person office or a ten-thousand employee Fortune 500 company, the bottom line is always reminding you of the cost of doing business. For small businesses, one computer down, or loss of your Internet connectivity can mean the difference in having revenue for the day, or not.. For non-profit organizations, the bottom line is usually dictated by donors or charity, with little or no control in the organization's power. Yet, their computers and networks require maintenance and service. Our price structure is easy on the budget, with special considerations for 501C3 Non-Profit organizations.See SERVICES for more details.

No extra cost for evenings or weekends.

Fast response time.

Contact via phone, email or via Facebook!

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All work is GUARANTEED!* * See SERVICES for details


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